The South Bay

I have ties to both the Santa Clarita Valley AND the South Bay of Los Angeles. I’ve kept my eyes on both markets, and this page is dedicated to home seekers in the South Bay, concentrating on the 3 cities of El Segundo, Torrance and Lomita.

Townhomes and Condos
By sheer sales volume, Torrance has far more condos and townhomes for sale at any given time than the other two areas combined. Recent sales figures shown below show you expect the following:
  • Torrance has 4 times as many homes selling in any given month than Lomita and El Segundo combined.
  • El Segundo condominiums and townhomes are the priciest of the three, with a median list price of well over $600k, while Torrance is just below $500k and Lomita is just below $400k.
  • Prices per square foot of living space also follow the same trend, with El Segundo near $500/psf. Torrance is near $400/psf and Lomita is just at $300/psf.
  • Condos and townhomes in all three areas are very similar in size, from 1220 to 1275 square feet for an average property size.
  • Lomita properties are taking twice as long to sell as those in El Segundo and Torrance.

Torrance Statistics